The Illinois Association of Regional Councils serves as the recognized organization in Illinois representing regional planning agencies at the state and national levels.

The Illinois Association of Regional Councils (ILARC) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes and defends the interests and activities of regional councils of government (COGs). It was established in 1977 at the initiative of leading personalities in the industry with the intention to promote strategic planning and to provide a forum for the regular exchange of information among Councils of Government (COGs).

ILARC is committed to providing a quality educational and social experience for all its members and associates; strengthening our own personal and professional development and, ultimately, creating avenues for positive change and growth among all with whom we interact.

ILARC advocates the positions of its members to legislators in both the Illinois Statehouse and the United States Congress. The organization works closely with state and federal agencies on public policies related to community development and fosters regional cooperation.

We recognize and respect the differences between the various geographical areas of Illinois and the responsibilities of each regional council to advocate for policies which are considered appropriate for their regions. ILARC is committed to working towards uniformity in policies that improve the quality of life for all Illinois residents.

ILARC is governed by a Board of Directors elected by its members. As the organization approaches its 40th year of existence, our professional standards will continue to enhance the image of regional councils of government in every city and county throughout the state of Illinois.